Principles of Biology II

BIOL-UA 9012

Primarily for science majors and prehealth students. Acquaints students with the fundamental principles and processes of biological systems. Subjects include the basics of chemistry pertinent to biology, biochemistry and cell biology, genetics and molecular biology, anatomy and physiology, neurobiology, ecology, population genetics, and history and classification of life forms and evolution.

Format: Lecture, Recitation

Prerequisites: PoB1 (BIOL-UA 11 or 9011)

Corequisites: GenChem2 (CHEM-UA 126 or 128)

Location: Sydney



Term(s) offered:

Requirements satisfied:
  • Major: Biology Standard Track
      • Required
  • Major: Ecology Track
      • Required
  • Major: GPH/Biology
      • Required
  • Minor: Molecular & Cell Biology
      • Required
  • Minor: Genetics
      • Required
  • Minor: Genomics & Bioinformatics
      • Required
  • Minor: Environmental Biology
      • Required