Professors and students

The NYU Department of Biology offers several majors and minors, and approximately 100 courses. Use this site to find information about when Biology courses are offered, what major/minor requirements they satisfy, what they cover, and which professors are teaching them.

Click on Courses to search for courses based on when they are offered and which major or minor requirement they satisfy. Then click on individual courses to see syllabi, prerequisites, and other information.

Click on Instructors to see which courses are offered by each instructor and when.

Click on Locations to see which courses are offered at which NYU global sites.

Click on Course Planning to see suggested plans of study for each major track, as well as information for study away, for transfer students and for joining the Biology major after taking Principles of Biology as a sophomore.

Click on Honors for information on pursuing Honors as a Biology major.

Every effort is made to keep this site’s information accurate and current, but students should consult the NYU CAS Bulletin for official course information and the requirements of each major and minor, and Albert for official offering information.

For any questions, please consult your academic adviser or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Biology.