Biogeochemistry of Global Change


Biogeochemistry is the study of biological controls on the chemistry of the environment and geochemical regulation of ecological structure and function. Utilizes the scientific literature from peer-reviewed journals to explore specific case studies (e.g., acid precipitation, nitrogen deposition, eutrophication of the oceans, etc.).

Format: Lecture

Prerequisites: PoB2 or ESS (BIOL-UA 12 or 9012 or ENVST-UA 100)

Corequisites: None

Location: New York

Equivalent(s): None


Term(s) offered:

Requirements satisfied:
  • Major: Biology Standard Track
      • Upper-Level Elective
          • Advanced Biology
  • Major: Ecology Track
      • Upper-Level Elective
          • Reasoning Skills
          • Advanced Biology
  • Major: GPH/Biology
      • Additional Elective
  • Minor: Environmental Biology
      • Elective