At the Bench: Physiology


Covers three themes in experimental physiology: molecular and cellular systems; nervous and endocrine control of systems; and organ and body systems. The basic structure and function for each system is examined in an experimental setting to demonstrate how a particular system contributes to maintaining homeostasis. Through student-designed experiments, the course introduces the technical foundations of experimental design, critical data analysis, and modeling. Professional skills are honed via readings in the current literature, preparing and presenting research talks, and writing formal papers.

Format: Laboratory

Prerequisites: Animal Phys (BIOL-UA 25)

Corequisites: None

Location: New York

Equivalent(s): None


Term(s) offered:

Requirements satisfied:
  • Major: Biology Standard Track
      • Upper-Level Elective
          • Laboratory Skills
          • Advanced Biology
  • Major: GPH/Biology
      • Additional Elective