Biology Major Four-Year Course Plans

Select a major track below to view a suggested four-year course plan. There is also a simple guide to requirements for each major track here.

If you are a transfer student, click on Transfer Students for additional information and advice.

If you have been following the pre-health track for non-Biology majors (taking Principles of Biology as a sophomore) and wish to join the Biology major, click on Joining the Biology Major After Sophomore PoB for advice.

For information on studying at an NYU global site while meeting major requirements, click on Study Away.

For any questions, please consult your academic adviser or the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Biology.

  • This plan requires the student to be Calculus ready.
  • The optional Molecular and Cell Biology Lab (BIOL-UA 223) is strongly recommended for Biology majors.
  • The Fall course BIOL-GA 1045 is the preferred Biochemistry course for Biology majors interested in pre-health. If this course is not completed, students should consider Biochemistry I (CHEM-UA 881).
  • For more information on pre-health requirements, see this page and consult with a preprofessional adviser.
  • The recommended semester for study away is Sophomore Spring at NYU Tel Aviv.

Freshman Fall

  1. Principles of Biology I (BIOL-UA 11)
  2. General Chemistry I (CHEM-UA 125)
  3. Calculus I (MATH-UA 121) *
  4. Freshman Seminar
  5. CORE course **
  • * if no AP credit
  • ** if AP Math credit

Freshman Spring

  1. Principles of Biology II (BIOL-UA 12)
  2. General Chemistry II (CHEM-UA 126)
  3. CORE SSS: Intr Psy/Soc
  4. CORE (Writing in the Sciences)

Sophomore Fall

  1. Molecular and Cell Biology I (BIOL-UA 21)
  2. Molecular and Cell Biology Lab (BIOL-UA 223) (Optional, but strongly recommended)
  3. Organic Chemistry I (CHEM-UA 225)
  4. Elective
  5. CORE T/I

Sophomore Spring

  1. Molecular and Cell Biology II (BIOL-UA 22)
  2. Organic Chemistry II (CHEM-UA 226)
  3. CORE C/C
  4. Elective

Junior Fall

  1. General Physics I (PHYS-UA 11)
  2. Biology Elective #1 (BIOL-GA 1045 Protein Biochemistry)
  3. CORE Foreign Language I
  4. Elective

Junior Spring

  1. General Physics II (PHYS-UA 12)
  2. Biology Elective #2
  3. CORE Foreign Language II
  4. CORE EC/Writing

Senior Fall

  1. Biology Elective #3
  2. Biology Elective #4
  3. CORE Foreign Language III
  4. Elective or CHEM-UA 881 Biochemistry I

Senior Spring

  1. Biology Elective #5
  2. Elective
  3. CORE Foreign Language IV
  4. Elective