Molecular and Cell Biology Laboratory


Applies concepts learned in the Molecular and Cell Biology course (BIOL-UA 21) to a molecular biology research project. Introduces students to such standard genetic and biochemical techniques as DNA isolation, agarose-gel electrophoresis, and transformation. Also provides students with a hands-on understanding of how modern DNA sequencing technology, along with bioinformatic tools, can be used to discover genetic differences and understand cellular function.

Format: Laboratory

Prerequisites: None

Corequisites: MCB1 (BIOL-UA 21)

Location: New York

Equivalent(s): None


Term(s) offered:

Requirements satisfied:
  • Major: Biology Standard Track
      • Recommended
  • Major: Ecology Track
      • Recommended
  • Major: GPH/Biology
      • Recommended
  • Minor: Molecular & Cell Biology
      • Elective
  • Minor: Genetics
      • Elective
  • Minor: Genomics & Bioinformatics
      • Elective